I am a biologist with special interest in ecology, genetics and their interaction to answer broad questions on evolutionary biology. I was born and grew up in Melilla, a singular, small and wonderful city in North Africa, where it is possible to meet different cultures crashing sometimes, or falling in love others. I left Melilla to start my undergraduate studies in the University of Granada, placed in the city with the same name. Granada was a renowned city for its multicultural character and its beauty, having been the capital of the last Andalusian Kingdom. In that environment I pursued my graduate studies and research works, which led to my PhD. After that, I moved as an Impact Research Fellow to the University of Stirling, located in central Scotland, a cold, wet and very nice place to meet warm people and wonderful landscapes. Lately, I have been funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economics with the project TransSpeciation to return to the University of Granada and work on the ecological and genetic mechanisms underlying the speciation process associated to important transitions in evolution. During all this time I visited many places and labs where I have met many valuable people with whom I have the pleasure to collaborate and work.


Old City of Melilla
Alhambra and Sierra Nevada (Granada)
Stirling and Wallace´s Monument


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